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Flavored milk on a shelf

Is táirge é bainne a dhíoltar go forleathan. Is féidir é a cheannach i réimse na pacáistí tarraingteach. Tá fiú trealamh ar fáil a dhéanamh do féin ó díriú. Mar sin féin, tá na saolré gearr ar an dtáirge, agus an easpa cuspóir fíor dhá cheann dá phríomh-flaws.

Quote1.png Níl aon treoracha le haghaidh úsáide ar an táirge seo Quote2.png

Planned obsolescence[cuir in eagar]

Má fhaigheann tú le déileáil maith ar an táirge seo, ní dhéanann sé a íoc le stoc suas air, mar beidh sé in éag, ort ag forcing chun uasghrádú a dhéanamh de láimh an táirge, fiú amháin más rud é nach bhfuil tú ag úsáid aon cheann de na sé. Níl an arrogance sin de na táirgeoirí bainne a cheangal ar tú bainne a cheannach ar bhonn mar a d'úsáid, nó mar a chreidtear a bheith ag teastáil, ag feidhmíonn ach na táirgeoirí bainne. Tá siad chinntigh aon le cora chun donais timthriallach, agus a chinntiú nach bhfuil siad slaves na siopaí lascaine domhain de bhainne. Mar sin, líon bhfíric tábhachtach 1) ní cheannach ach cad is féidir leat é a úsáid, nó beidh sé in éag.

Úsáid an Táirge[cuir in eagar]

Níl aon treoracha le haghaidh úsáide ar an táirge seo. The only mention of this product I have found is in the very detailed directions for other products, such as pudding or Wheatabix. There are apparently hundreds of uses for this product, but the producers do not tell you any. Even in the do it yourself kits, they only explain how to make it, not what to do with it once created. If the producers would include a copy of Milk for Dummies as a loss leader, the sales of milk could sky rocket. Fortunately there are plenty of third party apps, happy to fill the void left by the OEM.

Úsaid[cuir in eagar]

  • Tomhaltas díreach le hainmhithe, daoine agus cait.
  • Maróg
  • Wheatabix
  • Tónaícht na corp, ag 10 galún bainne, tá sé go maith do ísómetricí.
  • Snámha nó folcthaíocht, uaireanta bíonn folcthanna bainne toir.
  • Cáis,saineolaithe amháin, tá siad ábalta chun a athraigh bainne a cáis, bí ag caint le saineolaithe roimh iarracht
  • Dinnéar Kraft

Grades[cuir in eagar]

This product is presented in a variety of styles. 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G etc. Each with a key difference of an ingredient. In all cases, nae differentiation is made between the products, despite the price differences and the perceived status differences of each model. Buyers of the 1G:Vitamin A&D Milk, may eventually switch to 3G:Nonfat Milk as their mood fits them. But the producers do not make any claims as to when this switch should occur. Again fortunately the user community is not shy about sharing their ideas on which model suits which consumer.

DIY[cuir in eagar]

Big Business

Mentioned previously there are do it yourself kits available to make your own version of milk. The resultant output is often frothy and warm. Prompt refrigeration will calm the liquid down[1]. Some females have learned to extract this product from their own body. Little is known about the exact process, but research suggests it has something related to being in public. Females in public, especially with young children, seem to be at the forefront of the DIY movement for milk production. Lacking proper storage devices, they often use their babies to vacuum the production in real time. There are devices on the market to capture the DIY milk for usage later, but they are rarely used in public.

Conclusions[cuir in eagar]

  • If you are to buy this product, you must decide on your own how you will use it. Mentioned above, Instant pudding and Wheatabix are two good examples for beginners.
  • The differences in models are confusing to the new consumers. The 2G is an all around performer with a good balance of price/performance for the new user.
  • Until you have a good set of expected uses for this product it is not recommended to purchase more than your immediate needs, or to make you own, as this product expires even if you do not use it.

Notes[cuir in eagar]

  1. Note: Instant milk is available only for the 3G or so called fatfree variety

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